Train the Trainer Course

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This comprehensive training course will include theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on training to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach and mentor others in these beauty procedures.  Rest assured, your journey as a trainer will be accompanied by ongoing support, which includes monthly calls, access to our exclusive Facebook support group tailored for trainers, and the convenience of having me readily available to address any queries or challenges that may surface along the way.


  • 15% off
  • Training manuals, materials, and resources for trainers and trainees
  • Online training platform giving you the flexibility to offer your students the option of completing the theory portion of their training remotely.
  • Facebook Support Group for Trainers.
  • Monthly Calls.
  • Marketing Support.
  • You keep 100% of the training profit!

(After you have purchased please contact me at 619-248-9076 to schedule your training day) Please note: You will need 1 model for training day, either in-person or virtually, emulating the experience of guiding a student through the process.


  1. Technical Mastery:

    • In-depth knowledge and expertise in lash lifts and brow laminations.
    • Proficiency in performing these procedures with different tools and products.
    • Ability to troubleshoot common issues and complications.
  2. Safety and Hygiene:

    • Understanding of safety protocols and hygiene standards.
    • Knowledge of potential risks and how to mitigate them.
    • Instruction on proper sanitation and disinfection practices.
  3. Product Knowledge:

    • Familiarity with various brands and types of products.
    • Understanding of product ingredients, their effects, and contraindications.
    • Guidance on how to choose the right products for different clients.
  4. Client Consultation:

    • Training on conducting thorough client consultations to assess needs and expectations.
    • Communication skills to manage client expectations and address concerns.
    • Determining client suitability for the procedures.
  5. Application Techniques:

    • Detailed instruction on the step-by-step processes.
    • Demonstrations and practice sessions for trainers to refine their techniques.
    • Tips for achieving consistent and desirable results.
  6. Troubleshooting:

    • Identification and resolution of common problems that may arise during procedures.
    • Strategies for handling client dissatisfaction or complications.
  7. Aftercare and Maintenance:

    • Information on educating clients about proper aftercare routines.
    • Advice on scheduling follow-up appointments and maintenance procedures.
  8. Legal and Ethical Considerations:

    • Knowledge of local regulations and licensing requirements for offering these services.
    • Understanding of ethical considerations, client confidentiality, and consent forms.
  9. Training Pedagogy:

    • Instruction on effective teaching methods, including visual aids, hands-on training, and demonstrations.
    • Practice in providing constructive feedback to trainees.
    • Strategies for adapting to different learning styles and abilities.
  10. Business and Marketing:

    • Guidance on starting and managing a training business.
    • Tips for marketing training services and attracting trainees.
    • Pricing strategies and business planning.
  11. Certification and Assessment:

    • Developing and administering assessments to evaluate trainees' competence.
    • Creating certification processes and criteria.
    • Record-keeping and documentation for certification.
  12. Continued Education:

    • We will continuously update the manual to ensure we are staying current with the latest trends, products, and techniques.
    • Offering resources for ongoing professional development:
      • Monthly calls.
      • Facebook support group for trainers.
  13. Feedback and Improvement:

    • Establishing mechanisms for feedback from trainees to improve the training program.
    • Self-assessment and self-improvement for trainers.
  14. Support and Networking:

    • Building a community of trainers for networking and sharing best practices.
    • Providing ongoing support for trainers as they mentor and teach others.
  15. Resources and Materials:

    • Access to training manuals, materials, and resources for trainers and trainees.
    • As a trainer, you will enjoy exclusive access to our cutting-edge online training platform. This empowers you with the flexibility to offer your students the option of completing the theory portion of their training remotely, granting you a dynamic and convenient teaching approach.

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